My Homebody Homestead Tote Bags

My Homebody Homestead Tote Bags

SKU: TOTE-2020


Sport around with your own custom made "My Homebody Homestead" tote bag! Enjoy the best of both worlds, you will be sporting around in a uniquely stylish water proof tote bag that's designed with the strength to hold 35-40 lbs of feed.


I am not the first to reuse my feed bags to make a handy tote bag, but when I saw the idea I knew I had to have one! I have carried several jugs of juice and other heavy items to really challenge my bags, and they hold more weight than I can carry. 


I kept adding to the durability of my bags, I chose Duck Cloth for the straps and outer pockets with my custom design embroidered on for extra style. These straps will never cut into your shoulder nor give out when you least expect it! Inside is a cardboard liner to help keep things standing tall.


Just for the cost of a bag of feed, you can have your own tote bag too!


NOTE: These bags are not sterilized during the cleaning process so be careful not to put raw items un-bagged loosely into the totes. 

  • Understanding The Uniqness

    My bags are just that, my bags. I make them and only have access to the bags and brands that I buy, so I can't fill certain requests for specific types. What you see is what you get.

    Dimmensions are approximate, roughly:

    17" High

    15" Wide

    5" Deep

    Made of woven plastic and Duck Cloth material.

    No specific weight limit


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