Hatching Chicken Eggs

Hatching Chicken Eggs

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    I have 24 laying hens and 2 resident roosters. My fertility rate with these 2 guys has been 99%!!! I love hatching eggs and am proud of the hatch rate between my healthy girls, "Rocken Roosters" and my trusty incubator. 


    My Lavender Orpingtons are a rare Old English breed that I specifically selected for their breath taking look and hardiness. Their calm and friendly personalities were just a bonus. I charge extra for these eggs, $20 a dozen plus shipping. But believe me you won't be disappointed when you find yourself watching them graze for hours, mesmerized by their beauty.

Breed Types:

Roosters = 

Lavender Orpingtons

(Soon to Come, Blue Australorp, Easter Egger, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte)

Hens =

Lavender Orpingtons (Currently Unavailable)

Blue Australorps

Easter Eggers

Red Rangers

Golden Commet


    You won't be disappointed! Local orders, lets meet at the local Tractor Supply or feed stores. See a list of locations below.


Tractor Supply:

3751 West 1st St, Sanford FL 32771

890 N State Road 415, Deltona FL 32738

101 E International Speedway Blvd, Deland FL 32724

100 Old Mount Dora Rd, Eustis FL 32726

131 W 2nd Street, Apopka FL 32703


Local Feed Stores:

Horstmeyer Farm & Garden - 115 N Laurel Ave, Sanford FL 32771

Greg's Feed & Farm Supply - 247 S Amelia Ave, Deland FL 32724


    Eggs usually go out within 1 week once order is received. I will provide ETA once order confirmed. Email or phone number must provided to complete the order. A tracking number will be included with the notification the order has been shipped.

    Shipping costs are not included in listed price. Buyer is to pay shipping, cost varies from order to order based on order size and location.

  • Shipping Eggs is a Risk!!!!!

    I wrap my eggs as securely as I possibly can. I add tons of stuffing and padding to try and assure they arrive in perfect condition.

    "The mail system and handling care is out of my control!"

    Shells get cracked and air sacks get detached if packages are shaken, jolted or dropped. There may not be obvious signs any of these things happened, but they do. You will also have a poor hatch rate if the eggs were left in extreme heat or cold during transit. I can not avoid these issues that are out of my control, and can not afford to refund egg purchses. 

    Always candle eggs before you place them in your incubator to look for detached air sacks, stuck yolks, and shell cracks. I order eggs and take the risk myself, so I do understand the joys of recieving eggs and watyching them grow!