Mini Coop

Mini Coop

SKU: MC36504878-20

Made out of PVC and Stainless Steel!


Light weight and easy to move!


Easy to clean!


Easy to maintain!


The whole thing breaks down for easy storage or transporting! It fits in the back of an SUV!


The only tool needed for teardown and installation is a rubber mallet!



1) Entire enclosure

2) Custom Cover made out of heavy duty boat tarp material.

3) Feeding tray to add square footage, and lift the food and water off the ground to keep clean.

4) Nesting Box: Multipurpose tote modified into a nesting box or can be used to store enclosure parts when needed.

5) Perching bars for chickens

6) Free delivery to local sales



Predator Kits $100


Anchor Kit to avoid blowing away $50


Electric Fencing for added security $100-$250


Delivery available anywhere in the State of Florida


I make these Custom Coop/Animal houses myself. Made out of PVC, galvanized hardware cloth, stainless steel zip ties, heavy duty 10-mil white boat tarps to protect and last. The inside includes a feeding tray to lift the water and feed off of the ground to keep it clean. I also sell additional electrified predator kits for those who need them.


The dimensions are:

78" Long

48" Wide

36" High Walls

50" High Roof


I also sell other sizes and can custom make enclosures and covers made to order. Contact me now for more details and how to order your own.



  • Maintenance

    PVC is so easy to clean and maintain! I just let my birds out and take the hose to it. It's super light so you can move it where ever you want to give it a good cleaning. The custom cover is made of heavy duty boat tarp material that is just as easy to clean. Spray with a little Simple Green and make it look like new.

    Every material used is easy to access so you can get replacement parts with no problem. 

    The whole enclosure breaks down to fit in the back of an SUV. This makes it perfect for taking pets on road trips, it takes up very little space and stores beautifly till you need it. Set it up in the garage to keep your animals safe while a heavy storm passes by, give a broody mama a place to raise her chicks, use it to safely integrate new animals to the group by setting up a brooder right along side everyopne else. You can also use it as a clinic to separate sick or injured ones till they recover, the uses go on.......

  • Delivery and Installation

    Free delivery is offered to all orders within a 50 mile radius of DeBary. Delivery is still offered to all locations in the state of Florida, a fuel fee is added to orders outside the 50 mile radius. 

    Shipping will be offered in the future.

    I am willing to install and go over the installation and tear down process for free. I also provide an instructional video you can always use for future teardowns and installations.

  • Replacement Parts

    Replacement parts are offered at minimal cost. I make the hinges out of PVC and can provide replacements if needed. I also can offer replacement covers and hardware. Most of the materials used can be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes. I can ship as well if needed for just the cost of the material and shipping..

  • Custom Animal Enclosures

    These coops are just one option that I offer. I can build custom enclosures to meet your specific needs. I can also make Custom Covers using heavy duty materials. Cover your car, boat, motorcycle, grill, yard equipment, 4 wheelers, also canopies for added shade or shelter from weather, hay, firewood, the list goes on......

    Contact me now to discuss your custom needs.