500 ppm Colloidal Copper - 32 oz Refill

500 ppm Colloidal Copper - 32 oz Refill


How It's Made

Home made with distilled water and .999 pure copper rods. Colloidal Copper is sensitive to light, I suggest storing the refill in a dark cabinet or location to protect the ppm level & quality.


Why Take Colloidal Copper

Think of copper as a tissue regenerator. It is good for the skin to tighten and repair. It also helps the body fight viruses as well as heal faster from surgeries or injuries which is another reason it is beneficial to take it on a daily basis. Colloidal Copper is safe for people and animals. It's safe to spray on the skin as well as in the eyes and ears. There are not a lot of studies on dosage so it is hard to determine an exact daily dose to recommend, so everyone needs to do their own research based on their own needs. I always recommend adding small amounts and see how your body reacts before increasing your use.


History & Now

Did you know copper and silver have been used for hundreds of years to sterilize and help prevent infection. Doctors used these precious metals to help patients heal from wounds and illnesses.


The earliest recorded use of copper & silver dates back to the Han Dynasty in China around 1500 B.C.E. Copper was also used on headaches, burns and itching. They both are now being tested to see if they can help in the fight against cancer. The results are VERY promising. All the information provided I found simply by searching the internet.


You will find medical professionals who warn against using metals in medicine. They say there is no evidence supporting that silver helps or benefits us at all. But if you just look, there is plenty out there! Ancient Chinese medicine used precious metals including silver, and it's still being used today. You can find silver in wound dressings for burn patients. We've all seen copper pots and pans. There have been studies to prove households who cook using cooper pots and pans got sick lest and had less deaths. The evidence is there!


Who Can Use It?

It is safe for people and animals. Parents should make their own decisions about giving it to their children internally. Pregnant women should use caution as well. When ingesting copper or silver always start light and watch how your body reacts. Everyone's body could react differently.


How to Take it

NOTE: I am not a trained medical professional. I have performed my own research and due diligence on these products and I am sharing my own results. The methods below are my own and additional ways that I have found through my research. Always do your own research when trying something new.


External Uses:

  • Spray on the face or skin to tighten and reduce the signs of sun damage, age spots and scars.
  • Spray on cuts, scrapes and burns to prevent infection and faster healing.
  • Spray on sore throat.
  • Spray to kill skin and nail fungus.
  • Spray on shingles for relief.
  • Spray on skin to relieve sunburn, Poison Oak/Ivey, or other skin rashes.

And much, much more.....


Internal Uses:

  • Stimulate the immune system.
  • Helps the body fight viruses.
  • Cleansing the gut.

And much, much more.....