1 Dozen English Lavender Orpington Hatching Eggs

1 Dozen English Lavender Orpington Hatching Eggs


You won't be disappointed with their beauty and fluff! They are the old English blood lines which blow the American look out of the park. They are supper beautiful, supper chilled personality, and will thrive due to how healthy my breeders are. I take great pride in the bloodlines I provide and take great care of my birds #1! I feed only the best soy and corn free feed, and let them free range for everything else they need. 


I take great care in packing and shipping of my eggs. I can not control what they go through in shipping once I send them off, so I recommend candling the eggs before you incubate them. 


I collect eggs and ship as long as I can gather the correct amount in a 3 day period. Then with 3 day shipping, USPS priority mail, they get to my buyer on day 6. I also incubate my own eggs to test for fertility, I have a 98% fertility rate with the breeding group I currently have.


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