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Even though we are in a pandemic, backyard flocks must continue to grow. In fact, due to the current issues going on around us, we need sustainable living in our back yards more and more everyday. 

So my way to keep everyone safe, and still be able to support my fellow Homesteaders and help grow their flocks, I am meeting away from the farm at the local Tractor Supplies and feed stores. I will travel further for larger orders. Here are some locations:

Local Feed Stores:

Horstmeyer Farm & Garden - 115 N Laurel Ave, Sanford FL 32771

Greg's Feed & Farm Supply - 247 S Amelia Ave, Deland FL 32724

Tractor Supply:

3751 West 1st St, Sanford FL 32771

890 N State Road 415, Deltona FL 32738

101 E International Speedway Blvd, Deland FL 32724

Contact me to discuss additional locations




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More Products To Come!


Soy/Corn Free 100% Organic Poultry


PVC Chicken Coops/Tractors and Excessories


Pasture Poultry Farming Kits



My goal is....

to support my fellow Homesteaders in having the tools and knowledge to achieve their sustainable goals, and to live the homebody dream!

I take the time to hand raise all my chicks, so I can choose only the healthiest and friendliest members to add to my breeding flock. This allows me to offer my fellow homesteaders a thriving hardy bird to add to their flock.

I am constantly working on new ways to keep my birds safe, dry, warm and cool to keep them thriving. Designing new coops, clean water and food systems, and it seems I'm forever on the search for a natural remedy for something. My mission is to share all of that here with all my fellow homesteaders.