About Our Farm

NPIP Certified Central Florida Poultry Farm

My Homebody Homestead is a small but growing poultry farm located in DeBary FL. It all began with a little boy who became a picky eater over night, but still loved eggs! So we started with 8 hens, just for our own eggs, and the passion for self sustainability was born. 

I continue to build this passion into a fully operational farm, where I can offer happy and healthy birds to other homesteaders who want the same sustainable life. I also want to share what I've learned and all the resources that are out there, so I can hopefully save a new backyard chicken tender some of the headaches and heart aches I've had to experience along the way.

I believe in raising them all in a natural environment, where they are outside everyday free ranging, doing what chickens love to do. No cages, just plenty of space to breath fresh air and eat what nature intended them to eat. I provide good quality feed everyday, but most of the time they just look at it, and then take off to hunt for what they really want.

Rooster Refuge of Central FL

I also run a rescue for roosters called Rooster Refuge of Central FL. I found that when hatching chicks you usually end up with more roosters than hens. For some reason my favorites are always a rooster, that's why I created my Facebook page and started networking with as many chicken groups as I could. Sure enough there were people out there looking for sweet protectors for their flocks. 

I also found there were other people facing the same problem I have. People who are allowed to have just hens go down to the feed store and buy "pullets". 3 months later one of their girls crow. Heartbroken because they thought they had all hens and now they have to re home their baby. It makes me feel amazing to help find forever flocks for these boys, and give my fellow chicken tenders that relief and piece of mind their roo's are going to be okay.

Of course I fall in love with some and decide to add them to my flock. Mostly special needs that require more care than the average backyard flock owner can handle. We love caring for them and the bonding that we experience makes it all worth it!

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